Photos, photo essays, book covers, anthology chapters, multimedia presentations, installations.


The Labyrinth as Heart and Holder of Personal Pilgrimage, Sacred Journeys, Pilgrimage and Beyond Project, Oxford University, England.

Circling Centre, Finding Our Way Home:  Circumambulation Pilgrimages around Iona, Mount Tamalpais and Labyrinths


My Labyrinths of Spirit and Grace  Image Library hosts one of the largest collections of professional photography of labyrinths in the world. My photos have been widely published, appearing in over 1,000 publications, book and magazine covers, editorial features, music CDs, AV productions, and all over the web. Highlights include Time Magazine and as Principal Photography in the books Labyrinths and Sanctuaries of the Goddess

Labyrinths repeatedly appear in my work, both for the journey metaphor they represent and for their visual geometric grace. We are called to the journey. Keep walking.

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