Cindy Pavlinac

Photo Arts Studio

Pandemic Self

Seeking light in dark times

Light Duck / Light Play

as seen in the deYoung Museum Open, San Francisco


is all about light;

without light, 

there is only darkness

Contemplative Photography

I combine camera craft with a musician’s timing to snatch slivers of ever-flowing light, color, movement.

Subtle worlds reveal gifts to those who slow, look with heightened awareness, see with gentle presence. We can slip into a pure world of wondrous nature, timeless patterns, magical seeing, and return with images of quiet power, calm peace, true hope.  I lure images out of wisps of time, seeking alignments back to source, revealing the convergence of inner and outer landscapes, spinning complex tales of pilgrimage, ancient and modern, imaginative and real, questing towards expressions of the extraordinary.

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